My name is Andrew Dunai. I've been working as a software engineer for 11 years. I'm fluent in English and Ukrainian and can communicate in Polish and German.

I've got a lot of experience in all sorts of development, including back-end, web front-end, mobile & desktop development.

Yes, I play Team Fortress 2.

My current role is being Python architect.

  • Things that make me feel great
  • Python, NodeJS & C
  • Modern front end, material design
  • Game development
  • GTK2
  • Linux & OpenSource
  • PyCharm, Sublime Text, BASH, SSH & TMux
  • High load projects, impossible and mind-breaking tasks
  • Hacking multiplayer game protocols
  • Heavy & thrash metal
  • Traveling, summer festivals and playing drums and electric guitar
  • Ukrainian language
  • Things that make me kill people
  • Bootstrap
  • Ruby
  • GTK3
  • Microsoft products (excluding MS Office & Windows XP)
  • Google products (excluding Android & GMail)
  • Valve games updates & Steam app right now
  • Ukrainian politicians & Russian invaders on the east
  • Ukrainian translation of Dota 2
  • Noobs spamming forums about Arduino
  • Unwillingness to learn